Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my word

You know how people talk about their "word" for the new year. Well, I have known what my "word" for 2014 was going to be for a while now. For months, I have felt it tug on my heart. To let go more, to have less...and to be simple. Simple is my word for this year. Be simple, simplify, simplicity...all variations of this word is to be mine this year. To ring true to it in every form. 

So little by little, I have been making small efforts as the new year was approaching. Buy less, be content with more. 

It hasn't been the easiest thing to do but it sure has been fulfilling in small ways. Its keeps me focused on the real and less on the temporary. 

To keep true to simplifying and simplicity, I decided not to buy any clothes this year. Yes I said it. I have all the clothes I need for every season, for every reason and for every occasion. I do not need anything more. 

You realize how little you need to live by. Why is that when you already have several clean shirts in your closet, you will continue to dig through baskets of laundry to wear that one shirt again? :) This will be my year of seeking simplicity and finding contentment in it. 

I plan to get rid of more things around the home too. We are actually planning on having a yard sale in the spring and I am SO excited! I have always wanted to have a yard sale and I finally live in a right neighborhood to host it. So, all you Sacramento locals...keep you ears and eyes opened for some good treasures to be sold. :) 

Lastly, these pictures were taken a few weeks ago when my good friend May was visiting. We found this awesome hiking trail near Mike's office and it was the most glorious weather outside. The best part of this hike was that we found a swing hanging from a tree at the end of our hike. Sophia couldn't believe her eyes and just had the best time swinging. We will definitely be going back. 


  1. Love that!! As I was scrambling to find my keys today I got so frustrated with all the toys and clothes!! I'm hoping to simplify a ton this year too!! In the spring we should go to this spot for a little photography play date!!

    1. Thanks Kelli! I totally hear you on the toys and clothes everywhere! I'm so frustrated with too much stuff around here! Photography play date would be so much fun!! :)